The French Corner Menu

The French Corner Menu -  In addition to great tasting specialty cakes, pastry and bread the bakery also provides a selection of fresh sandwiches.  

Each sandwich is prepared from fresh quality ingredients, daily baked bread and fresh produce.

If you are looking for a great sandwich The French Corner Bakery is the place to go. 

Sandwiches for the Shop or to Go!

FRESH MOZZARELLA - Fresh mozzarella, tomato, pesto, Dijon aioli, roasted peppers, black pepper & cucumber on fresh ciabatta. $6.50

SMOKED TURKEY - Smoked turkey with creole mayonnaise, roasted peppers, onion & lettuce on fresh. $6.50

Ham - Ham smoked gouda with Dijon aioli, tomatoes and cucumbers on fresh ciabatta. $650

BIG SUR TUNA AVOCADO - Tuna, avocado, tomato, carrots, sprouts, onion, sunflower seeds & mayonnaise on a honey wheat bun. $7.25


Pierna - Pork                         $6.50
Pollo  - Chicken                     $6.50
Jamon - Ham                          $6.50
Milanesa - Breaded                $6.50
Torte Combination -              $7.50

All tortas include mayonnaise, avocado, onions, tomato, cheese, salsa and jalapeños on toasted fresh bread.

ITALIAN MEATBALL SANDWICH - Spicy meatballs in rich tomato sauce, melted asiago and provolone cheese, pepperonicini peppers on French roll.  $7.25

HOT PASTRAMI - Thinly sliced beef pastrami, mustard, pickles, asiago and provolone cheese, pepperonicini peppers on a French roll.  $7.25

PHILI SUB - Capacola ham, provolone cheese, cotto salami, tarvern ham, shredded lettuce, onion, pickles, vinaigrette dressing and peperonicini peppers on a French roll.  $7.25


The French Corner Bakery does catering for parties, events etc.

The French Corner Bakery is known for using fresh quality ingredients in all of its breads, cakes and pastries. You have to taste their baked goods to fully appreciate the time and effort put into each item.

Specialty Cakes & Wedding Cakes

The French Corner Bakery is know throughout the Central Coast for its delightful ability to create that special cake for your special occasion .

kitchen Excellence in the Kitchen

Every cake is handcrafted from scratch using fresh quality ingredients and produce When the Chef starts on your cake he has your taste in mind, as well as appearance.

If you are planning a birthday, anniversary, wedding or other event and call or email the French Bakery for pricing.

Cambria host many wedding each year and the French Corner will help you make great memories by creating a special cake from your design.

Don't hesitate to give the bakery a call or email them for details and pricing on all cakes. 805-927-8227

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